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Structure Galvanising plants

Structure Galvanising Plants Manufacturers

We are a dynamically developing company that has evolved itself as a prime manufacturer and exporter of superior range of multifarious products such as Galvanizing plant, Pickling Plants, Pickling Tanks and Anti-Corrosive Equipment made from various Industrial Thermoplastics.  We have been constantly innovating and improvising on quality of products to confer to the industry norms and standards. Our business activities focus on conceptual design and implementation of facility elements for the pre-treatment process in hot-dip galvanising Our rectangular tanks, customized according to the application for pre – post treatment , stand for a long life span.




(a)Pre Treatment Section

We are engaged in manufacturing a qualitative range of spiral PP/FRP pickling tanks that find application in varied industries. Manufactured using high quality PP/FRP and other material, these tanks are appreciated for their robust construction, accurate dimension and long service life.

(b)Acid Fume Extraction System

We offer a diverse range Fume Extraction System which is generally applicable to all types of production units. As the name suggests, this Fume Extraction is used to extract fume from various industrial chimneys. We manufacture various standard and customized Fume Extraction according to the customer's needs and specifications.


 Increased productivity and safety  Environment friendly  Turn-key execution of system for extraction of corrosive fumes and gases  Ensures hygienic working atmosphere  Committed to a cleaner environment  High separation efficiencies of 1 micron particulate and gaseous emissions  Customized process equipment for metal finishing industries

Application area:

 Hot-dip Galvanizing Plants  Pipe pickling Plants  Stainless Steel Pickling Plants  Wire Pickling Lines . Electroplating/Anodizing Plants  Metal Finishing Industries  Surface Treatment Plants

(c)Zinc White Fume Extraction System

The Zinc White Fume Extraction & Scrubbing System manufactured by Janmeja Technologies is a proven solution for purification of white-fumed air generated in Hot Dip Galvanizing process. The system, designed on special software developed for typical requirements of Hot Dip Galvanizing process, consists of zinc kettle & scrubbing unit with heavy duty centrifugal Blower. This proven- efficiency system is highly preferred in the user industry world over and is considered as ultimate solution. The Zinc White Fume Extraction & Scrubbing System is designed according to pollution control norms. it with dust collector system.

(d)Scrubbing Systems

We manufacture and design a precision engineered range of Gas Scrubbing Systems, which are widely used chemical industries. Designed in compliance with various industrial standards, these are manufactured utilizing suitable grade of PP/FRP.

(e) Flux Regenration System

(f) Effluent Treatment Plant

(g)Acid Storage tank

Acid storage tank specially designed for storage of hcl hfhno3 h2so4 acid.. it is available Volume from 5 kl to 50 kl storage capacity

Our range of Equipments includes:

 Fume Scrubbing System  Air Centrifugal  Blower  Fume Exhaust System  Discharge Chimney  Reaction Vessel  Heat Exchangers  Air Agitation System  Suction Hood  Ducting  Pressure Vessel  Absorption  Tower  Separator  Tower Packing

Application area:

 Metal Finishing  Electroplating  Pesticides  Caustic/Chlorine Industry  Paper and Pulp  Galvanizing  Plant  Pipes and Tubes Plant  Steel and Wire Industry