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Pollution Control Eqipments for Industry

Pollution Control Equipments for Industry Manufacturers

Planning and construction of complete pickling plants/Galvanizing plant with fume exhaust system. Robust design of tank made out FRV/PP For hydrochloric and nitric hydrofluoric acid media. Pickling/Galvanizing plant meets stringent environment condition and work to the principle. Environment friendly fume extraction design, avoiding corrosion of steel construction cranes and roof structure. FRV /PP tanks available in flat pack modules (reduced volume). 100% leak proof welding Tanks made for strip & wires picking and other pre and post treatment of iron, Stainless steel and non ferrous metals. Heating and circulating system available. Fume free work place. Corrosion free passivation tanks.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our organization is to :

Offer systems designed to customer need.

Adopt appropriate technology based on application.

Design, manufacturer and install systems of high quality standard.

Charge reasonable price for premium services.